Saturday, April 28, 2012

Layers to go.....

A teacher of mine once told me that I should open up a little and let more people know the "real" me! We always spoke of layers that we all have. Some people seeing us as we are with the layers wrapped around us so tight, a few who take the trouble to actually see us through the first few layers and the privileged few who can see right through to that vulnerable core that is YOU!

This came as a surprise to my classmates who were listening as I was commonly known as the "blabbermouth" of the class. Everyone knew what I had been upto the previous day, all about my family members and even who my favourite teacher was. When I first heard it, it surprised me as well. I talk alot! I talk to lots of people. I am always talking. When I got home that night and lay down to sleep, I thought about her comments.

Thinking about it... Even though I talk a whole lot, there is ALMOST NOONE who knows the "real" me. There is noone who knows what I want to do when I feel sick.. Noone who knows where I want to retire.. Noone who knows my deepest darkest secrets... Noone who knows when I want to be with people and when I don't want to.. Noone who knows whether I believe in abortion or not.. Noone who knows what means the most to me.. Noone who knows what values I have.. Noone who knows who my best friend is..

Guess Noone really knows the "real" me.. But then again, does anyone know the "real" you???

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